A Sneak Peak at Avadis NGS Version 1.5’s New Features!

The release date for the next version of Avadis NGS is just around the corner. Not only does the software include a lot of refinements in some of the older features, but it also boasts of a number of cool new ones! So here is a sneak peak at some of these features in version … Continue reading “A Sneak Peak at Avadis NGS Version 1.5’s New Features!”

Benford’s Law and NGS Gene Counts

This may be a piece of trivia more than anything else, but anyway, let’s begin with the surprising part. Take any RNASeq sample and assign to each gene a count corresponding to the number of reads aligning to that gene (what we call Quantification in Avadis NGS). For the purposes of this post, ignore all … Continue reading “Benford’s Law and NGS Gene Counts”