Identification of SNP Markers in Pm4b gene of Wheat – Part2

Molecular SNP markers are regions of DNA with variations. They help in selecting desired traits for plant breeding. Pm4b is a gene of interest that imparts the desired resistance against powdery mildew, a fungal disease in certain breeds of wheat. Samples with and without the Pm4b gene were taken for the identification of SNP markers … Continue reading “Identification of SNP Markers in Pm4b gene of Wheat – Part2”

Webinar on DNA-Seq data analysis- Case studies

DNA-Seq data can be analyzed and visualized using an extensive workflow in Strand NGS software. The software has been designed for the biologists. Strand NGS supports analysis of whole exome, whole genome and targeted sequencing experiments. The DNA-Seq workflow includes the ability to detect variants (SNPs, MNPs and short InDels), annotate them with dbSNP, and … Continue reading “Webinar on DNA-Seq data analysis- Case studies”

Welcome to our blog

Our goal for this blog is to be a distraction that is useful for you as well as for us. We will use this venue to express our bewilderment and discoveries as we traverse the genome. Mostly, we’ll geek out over puzzling challenges in bioinformatics, but we may also delve into other relevant topics – … Continue reading “Welcome to our blog”