Strand NGS v2.7

We are excited to share the release of Strand NGS v2.7. Listed below are few major enhancements:

  • Strand NGS v2.7 is upgraded to work with Java 1.8 and supports Mac EI Capitan OS
  • New SNP caller feature ‘Low frequency SNP detection’ introduced
  • Split alignment feature enhanced to support circular genome
  • Additional pre-processing step ‘Split read realignment’ added to DNA-Seq workflow
  • Speed of SNP annotation time for targeted re-seq experiments reduced by up to 95% with use of dbSNP sub-setting script. This new option enables user to create and save subset of dbSNP database with target regions of interest.
  • ‘Find Damaging NS Variants’ feature improved to includes:
    i.   Predictions from MutationAssessor, FATHMM, MetaSVM, MetaLR
    ii.  Allele frequency information from ExAC, ESP in addition to 1000 genomes
    iii. Filtering options using conservation scores from phyloP and phastcons
  • Improvements made to features like Local realignment, filtering, variant calling, jobs monitor, import/export options and many more.
    To know more, please read the release notes. To enjoy these great features click on Update product from Help Menu.