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Webinar on fast and accurate variant calling

Continuing our DNA-Seq webinar series, we’ll present Strand NGS v3.0 best-practices: a workflow that identifies highly accurate variants from raw reads. Our best practices workflow is twice as fast as its GATK counterpart, and results in precision/recall rates of up to 99%/98% on whole exome and whole genome samples. We’ll also speak briefly about some … Continue reading “Webinar on fast and accurate variant calling”

It’s pronounced three dot oh

Getting things to “just work” is hard. Getting them to just work and be good is harder. With StrandNGS 3.0, we believe we’ve done both. A quarter year’s labour of love, three dot oh feels different because it is different; it feels good because it is. RNA alignment is faster. If you’re using transcriptome + genome alignment, you … Continue reading “It’s pronounced three dot oh”

Rare diseases: or, what happens when backups fail

Ploidy is a funny old Greek word for a modern, almost modish concept: data backups. Ploidy is the number of copies of an organism’s DNA. Certain kinds of algae, for instance, don’t buy into backups; they’re haploid, and contain only a single copy of DNA. Plants, on the other hand, are polyploidal; paranoiacs of the … Continue reading “Rare diseases: or, what happens when backups fail”

Webinar on DNA-Seq data analysis- Case studies

DNA-Seq data can be analyzed and visualized using an extensive workflow in Strand NGS software. The software has been designed for the biologists. Strand NGS supports analysis of whole exome, whole genome and targeted sequencing experiments. The DNA-Seq workflow includes the ability to detect variants (SNPs, MNPs and short InDels), annotate them with dbSNP, and … Continue reading “Webinar on DNA-Seq data analysis- Case studies”

The clinical workflow, retinoblastoma and split alignment

    Retinoblastoma is an “oma” named for its surface effect, its “presentation”:  it’s a cancer that attacks the eye. Worse, because 80% of retinoblastoma diagnoses occur before the age of 3, it’s a cancer that attacks the eyes—almost exclusively—of little children. Retinoblastoma is a “good cancer”: 90% of all RB cases survive into adulthood. … Continue reading “The clinical workflow, retinoblastoma and split alignment”

Webinar on RNA-Seq Data Analysis

Strand NGS supports an extensive workflow for the analysis and visualization of RNA-Seq data. The workflow includes Transcriptome / Genome alignment, Differential expression analysis with Statistical approach and Splicing events detection. Strand NGS also supports novel discovery like identification of novel genes, exons and Novel splice junctions, alongside it can also detect gene fusion events. … Continue reading “Webinar on RNA-Seq Data Analysis”

Webinar on Implications of Next Generation Sequencing in Molecular Diagnosis of Cancer

Genetic testing requires screening of the entire gene, which by conventional sequencing is time consuming and expensive. Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) based approaches increase the sensitivity of mutation detection, making it fast and cost-effective compared to the conventional tests performed in a reflex-testing mode. Strand NGS includes workflows with quality assessment and filter sections that … Continue reading “Webinar on Implications of Next Generation Sequencing in Molecular Diagnosis of Cancer”

Celebrating 25th Release announcement of Strand NGS

We are happy to share the announcement of the 25th release of Strand NGS (v2.8). We started our journey as bioinformatics experts in 2000, and moved into the next-generation sequencing space with the launch of Strand NGS (formerly Avadis NGS) in October 2010. Since then we have grown with our customers, added more workflows, features, … Continue reading “Celebrating 25th Release announcement of Strand NGS”

Reduce the SNP annotation time by up to 95%

Explore the new script ‘Create Targeted VAL’ in Strand NGS for creating subset of dbSNP database with target regions of interest and run your analysis. This feature reduces your SNP annotation time by up to 95% depending on the target regions of interest. Strand NGS v2.7 has more exciting features. Listed below are few:

Strand NGS v2.7 released

We are excited to share the release of Strand NGS v2.7. This new version comes with several exciting features and enhancements. Listed below are few major enhancements: