The silent biomarkers of stem cells- Small RNA

I was watching this movie, where the protagonists were a race of human clones made from “stem cells” and they try to defend their lives from the native human race. You might have already heard of dolly the sheep, the first cloned animal out of an adult stem cell. Also, the infamous CRISPR babies whose … Continue reading “The silent biomarkers of stem cells- Small RNA”

Webinar on RNA-Seq Data Analysis

Strand NGS supports an extensive workflow for the analysis and visualization of RNA-Seq data. The workflow includes Transcriptome / Genome alignment, Differential expression analysis with Statistical approach and Splicing events detection. Strand NGS also supports novel discovery like identification of novel genes, exons and Novel splice junctions, alongside it can also detect gene fusion events. … Continue reading “Webinar on RNA-Seq Data Analysis”

Review of selected publications citing Strand NGS

In 2015, we brought in many new features and improvements based on your requirements and feedback. We expanded the Strand NGS epigenomics toolkit by adding the MeDIP-Seq workflow in the v2.5 release. We also added new features like the alignment workflow and SV detection for split reads (watch the webinar), a browser-based copy number variation (CNV) view … Continue reading “Review of selected publications citing Strand NGS”

Webinar on Strand NGS Pipeline Manager for streamlining large scale analysis

This webinar, will highlight the Strand NGS Pipeline Manager feature. In this webinar, you will learn how to customize pipelines and share them with other Strand NGS users. This webinar will give a brief glimpse of an elaborate pipeline that aligns reads, filters poor-quality matches, computes coverage metrics, identifies variants, checks for sample cross-contamination, and … Continue reading “Webinar on Strand NGS Pipeline Manager for streamlining large scale analysis”