The silent biomarkers of stem cells- Small RNA

I was watching this movie, where the protagonists were a race of human clones made from “stem cells” and they try to defend their lives from the native human race. You might have already heard of dolly the sheep, the first cloned animal out of an adult stem cell. Also, the infamous CRISPR babies whose … Continue reading “The silent biomarkers of stem cells- Small RNA”

Strand NGS-Annotation toolbox for organisms

Our planet accommodates a variety of life with their genes: from civilized humans to the colonized bacteria, from infamous mosquito to the cutest puppies, and from golden rice to the greenest algae. Studying these species helps us in understanding the genetics of the species and population diversity and also other biomedical and bio technical applications. … Continue reading “Strand NGS-Annotation toolbox for organisms”

What’s new in Strand NGS 3.4

Data quality is of utmost importance for accurate and valid downstream NGS analysis. Sequence artifacts contribute to erroneous interpretations in analysis. Focusing on this, we have introduced two quality checks to find Overrepresented Sequences and Adapter Content. Trim these sequence artifacts in further steps for accurate downstream analysis Strand NGS 3.4 now supports Agilent UMI … Continue reading “What’s new in Strand NGS 3.4”