What’s new in Strand NGS 3.4

Data quality is of utmost importance for accurate and valid downstream NGS analysis. Sequence artifacts contribute to erroneous interpretations in analysis. Focusing on this, we have introduced two quality checks to find Overrepresented Sequences and Adapter Content. Trim these sequence artifacts in further steps for accurate downstream analysis

Strand NGS 3.4 now supports Agilent UMI protocols for UMI raw read import, alignment, and analysis. Also, export family size information as YM tag and import UMI data with custom family size tags.

Adjoining the well defined workflows in Single cell technology, now group your samples based on the clustering/classification of Cluster Entities and PCA workflow

Realized you forgot to add GO annotations when performing GO Analysis? Add it using the Update Technology Annotation option available now in 3.4. Modify technology annotations, post experiment creation too.

In t-SNE plot, visualize samples with single gene expression values

Check other new Updates and features directly in Strand NGS 3.4 now.