Strand NGS v2.7 released

We are excited to share the release of Strand NGS v2.7. This new version comes with several exciting features and enhancements. Listed below are few major enhancements:

  • Strand NGS v2.7 is upgraded to work with Java 1.8 and supports Mac EI Capitan OS
  • New SNP caller feature ‘Low frequency SNP detection’ introduced
  • Split alignment feature enhanced to support circular genome
  • Additional pre-processing step ‘Split read realignment’ added to DNA-Seq workflow
  • Speed of SNP annotation time for targeted re-seq experiments reduced by up to 95% with use of dbSNP sub-setting script. This new option enables user to create and save subset of dbSNP database with target regions of interest.
  • ‘Find Damaging NS Variants’ feature improved to includes:
    i.   Predictions from MutationAssessor, FATHMM, MetaSVM, MetaLR
    ii.  Allele frequency information from ExAC, ESP in addition to 1000 genomes
    iii. Filtering options using conservation scores from phyloP and phastcons
  • Improvements made to features like Local realignment, filtering, variant calling, jobs monitor, import/export options and many more.

To know more, please read the release notes. To enjoy these great features click on Update product from Help Menu.