Live webinar on Copy Number Detection in Inherited Disorders and Somatic Cancer

Copy number variants constitute a significant fraction of genomic alterations responsible for cancer and various inherited disorders. In a clinical setting, performing focused NGS testing based on a panel of relevant genes is both economical and provides faster results. Thus the ability to detect CNVs from gene panel based NGS tests increases the diagnostic yield significantly. In this live webinar on Copy Number Detection in Inherited Disorders and Somatic Cancer, we will present few clinical case studies to demonstrate the new CNV analysis workflow in Strand NGS that enables researchers to detect and visualize copy number changes ranging from single exon to chromosome level events.

Webinar details
Session 1: 24 June 2015; 2:00 PM IST (1:30 AM PDT)
Session 2: 24 June 2015; 9:30 PM IST (9:00 AM PDT)
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About Speaker:
Dr. Smita Agrawal, Senior Scientist, Strand Life Sciences, has over 14 years of research experience applying analytical methods to biological problems in the fields of neuroscience, stem cell biology, immunology and genetics. Smita has a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley and has experience working as a post-doctoral scholar in the division of Human Genetics at the University of Minnesota, and as a researcher in the early discovery division of Genentech Inc. At Strand, she heads the clinical data analysis group and also guides the product definition of StrandOmics, Strand’s clinical genomics interpretation and reporting software.

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