Configuring SNP detection pipelines for accurate analysis of clinical samples

Webinar of the Month Series: Configuring SNP detection pipelines in Avadis NGS for accurate analysis of clinical samples

Presenter:  Dr Vamsi Veeramachaneni, Vice President, Strand Life Sciences

Abstract: Running a SNP detection pipeline and identifying high quality variant calls quickly is challenging. This is especially true in the case of clinical labs where multiple panels are used and kit-specific biases can result in false positive SNP predictions.

In this webinar, Dr Vamsi will show, how one can use the powerful visualization features of Avadis NGS to quickly detect false positive SNP predictions, identify the cause of the errors, and fine-tune the detection pipeline for accurate analysis


Session 1: Feb 26; Europe +Asia; 10 AM Central European

Session 2: Feb 26; North + South America; 9 AM Pacific Standard Time

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