1.3.1 Patch Update

We released a patch update for Avadis NGS to address some of the feedback that we received, as well as fix some minor bugs in version 1.3. The updates are documented in the release notes. Below is a quick summary of the key features:

* A new analysis step Find Significant Regions to compare generic regions across groups of conditions
* Ability to trim poorly aligned portion of a read at the 3′ end
* Creation of Multi-Sample Reports from the import of MiSeq results
* Improvements to the novel small RNA type detection

How to Update
For current users: Use the menu options Help > Update Product > From Strand Server and choose to update your installation. If you are behind a firewall or proxy and cannot access the Update Server, please contact support.

For new users: Download the latest installer for your operating system and follow the on-screen instructions.