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Our goal for this blog is to be a distraction that is useful for you as well as for us. We will use this venue to express our bewilderment and discoveries as we traverse the genome. Mostly, we’ll geek out over puzzling challenges in bioinformatics, but we may also delve into other relevant topics – not limited to the genomics industry, the work of our colleagues, collaborators, and customers, and maybe even erudite topics like bioethics.

We thought the biologists and bioinformaticians would appreciate the pun Read Through Transcription. If you didn’t catch the double entendre, here’s an explanation of the biology behind the pun.

Read Through Transcription (also called transcription-induced chimerism) is a biological phenomenon where two neighboring genes produce a single, fused RNA transcript. Such gene fusion events are found in about 2-5% of human genes using high-throughput RNA-Seq.

Source: http://genomebiology.com/2008/9/3/R48